ShiftingPixels Productions

Shifting your view.

We bring your vision to life with video.

ShiftingPixels Productions worked with many brands all around Australia.

We help you to create the content you need to attract the the audience that matter to you.

Who we worked with:

What They’re Saying

“ShiftingPixels Productions did a great job!
Not being a digital native and being a bit too close to my work this project was daunting. I gave them a very brief introduction to my needs and provided them with all the relevant clips but that was it. They very adeptly took what I had said and brought back a great compilation of my work in a fun inventive way. I could not be happier with the result. Highly recommend working with ShiftingPixels Productions”

Howard S.Costume Designer

“Thanks ShiftingPixels Productions for teaching me how to use Final Cut Pro to edit video interviews, insert text, transitioning between shots and voice-over techniques for my audio component as well as putting a basic webpage together. Will be requesting your help again.”

Frances D.Video Journalist

“ShiftingPixels Productions went beyond the call of duty professional job and a real perfectionist. They did such a great job. Highly recommended”

Courtney J.YouTuber

“Excellent work, ShiftingPixels Productions were very professional & produced an incredible product. Highly recommended!”

Matt W.Dream Design Property

“Excellent work, will book again”

Sharon C.ACE Kids